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Laser Beam Expander 3X 400 - 700nm

LBE-3 | W3092

Laser Beam Expander 3X 400 - 700nm lbe_cad.jpg
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Beam expanders are useful laser accessories when the beam diameter must be increased. However, their main function is to decrease the divergence of the laser beams which are to be projected over long distances. These precision beam expanders have been designed for use with He-Ne lasers but they can be used for any laser working in the visible part of the spectrum (400 − 700nm).
Name Laser Beam Expander 3X 400 - 700nm
Weight 0.1200kg
Laser Damage Threshold 4J/cm<sup>2</sup>
Wavelength range 400 - 700nm
Barrel length A 62.9mm
B 56.9mm
Input aperture φ3.8mm
Laser Damage Threshold* 4J/cm
*Laser Pulse width ; 10ns , Repetition frequency ; 20Hz

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