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Dielectric Filters

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  • FROM : $150.00


    The principle of the cold filter is similar to the glass that is used in a halogen lamp to protect the heat. It enables the visible range to transmit and cut-off the IR range (heat).
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  • FROM : $295.00


    This filter can extract light in a specific wavelength range. Very high transmittance can be obtained in the transmission range. Outside the specified transmission wavelength range the transmission decrease is steep and light is not transmitted almost close to the transmission range.
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  • FROM : $130.00


    VPF can transmit a specified wavelength range at a spectrum width (half-width) as precise as 1nm to 40nm. It is used to select spectral line from light-sources range from discharge lamp to different lasers wavelength.
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  • FROM : $299.00


    Filters are designed to divide sharply the wavelength color by transmitting the short wavelength and cutting off the long wavelength. Fit for Bio-imaging and flow cytometry applications.
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  • FROM : $765.00


    It is available to cut the excitation laser beam and extracted with high transmittance Raman shifted light on the longer wavelength side with a sharp rise. It can be used to detect weak light of the Raman scattering.
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  • FROM : $42.00


    Dichroic filter transmit only visible light and reject ultraviolet and infrared light. Filters are perfect for applications that require high reflectance in the infrared spectrum and excellent transmission in the visible.
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