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    A cylindrical achromat is single component made by bonding two cylindrical surface lenses having different refractive indexes. The resulting achromat creates fine lines close to the theoretical limit. The cylindrical achromat is recommended if blurred lines and color bleeding is a concern when using cylindrical plano-convex lens (CLB-P).
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  • FROM : $60.00


    Achromatic doublets are cemented achromats made of two different lenses (Low dispersion positive from crown glass and high dispersion negative from flint glass). The difference of dispersion and shape of both lenses are designed to minimize the chromatic aberrations in blue (486.1nm), green (546.1nm) and red (656.3nm). Therefore, these lenses are able to support the entire visible wavelength spectrum.
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  • FROM : $90.00


    It is achromatic lens having a negative focal length. By setting the concave one bonding two lenses wavelength dispersion of the refractive index is different, can be smaller than the spherical single lens and spherical aberration and chromatic aberration.
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  • FROM : $105.00


    By bonding two lenses with wavelength dispersion of different refractive index the resulting component will provide reduced spherical aberration and chromatic aberration than that of a single spherical lens. These achromatic lenses can be used as a focusing lens for YAG laser (1064nm) or LD of the near-infrared.
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    An economic general use achromatic lens suitable for an optical system, which does not require high surface quality imaging such as a microscope lens or telescope lens.
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