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Plate Beamsplitters

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Plate Beamsplitters
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  • FROM : $100.00


    A beam sampler behaves like a plate beamsplitter, it has the ability to reflect approximately 5.2% of the total beam.
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  • FROM : $570.00


    Extremely thin beamsplitter. It can be inserted into an optical light path without any beam shift or chromatic dispersion for any light transmittance application.
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  • FROM : $170.00


    The polka dot beamsplitter is a beamsplitter that has aluminum coating of halftone dots (polka dots) on the glass substrate. It has a low dependence on the incident angle and can be used in a wide range of wavelengths from ultraviolet region to the infrared region.
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  • FROM : $200.00

    PMH - PSMH

    We offer Half-Mirror optics designed for use in Ultraviolet, Visible and Infrared wavelengths. They can be used for both transmission and divergence of multi-wavelength lasers and white light sources. Ultra broadband half-mirrors are used for spectrometry applications.
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  • FROM : $130.00


    Chromium plate half mirrors are plate beamsplitters that are coated with chromium (Cr) on the front surface of optical parallels or wedged substrates. The other surface is coated with multi-layer anti-reflection.
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  • FROM : $237.50


    Plate-type beamsplitters are dielectric multi-layer coatings on a parallel plate or a wedge substrate. They are designed to divide beams at a reflected light (R) : transmission light (T) ratio of 1:2 or 1:3. The rear surface is coated with anti-reflection (AR).
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