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Dielectric Filters

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  • FROM : $150.00


    The principle of the cold filter is similar to the glass that is used in a halogen lamp to protect the heat. It enables the visible range to transmit and cut-off the IR range (heat).
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  • FROM : $42.00


    The principle of the cold mirror is reflecting the visible range light and leave the UV range light to transmit. It can separate the visible and the UV (heat) of the sunlight.
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  • FROM : $250.00


    The dielectric multi-layer coating offers a high optical performance. Provides a wide range of visible color quality green, blue, red, yellow, magenta and cyan.
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  • FROM : $150.00


    Mirrors of 3 fundamentals colors RGB for use in color separation. No absorption effects because of the dielectric optical coating, the transmitting and reflecting are applicable. For light transmitting, choose 2 colors out of the RGB dichroic mirror for color separation. (For example: DIM RED + DIM GRE = Reflect red, reflect green, and transmit bleu)
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  • FROM : $259.00


    Filters are designed to divide sharply the wavelength color by transmitting the short wavelength and cutting off the long wavelength. Fit for Bio-imaging and flow cytometry applications.
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  • FROM : $285.00


    Notch filter is a filter that cuts only a specific wavelength. It is not the same as the interference filter which transmits only a specific wavelength. By using a dielectric multilayer coating the product has very high stability and has environmental resistance.
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