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Aspherical Lenses

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    Aspheric condenser lens is a single lens for collection and condensing, which the radius of curvature of one side is changed according to the height from the optical axis to minimize spherical aberration. The other side is plano or convex.
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  • FROM : $211.00

    AGL-15 - AGL-20

    The aspheric shape allows the lens to achieve a shorter focus with smaller spherical aberration than provided by a similar convex surface of a plano convex lens. the lens is used for squeezing small illumination light or condensing efficiently the light emanating from a single point.
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  • FROM : $224.00

    AGL-E - AGL-G

    These precision polished aspheric lenses can condense the collimated light into the range of diffraction limited. These lenses are ideally suited for collimating the LD emitted light or focusing the collimated light into the optical fiber.
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  • FROM : $91.00


    Material : Corning C0550 (Low melting point glass). This a precision aspherical lens that can condense the light into the range of diffraction limit when plane wave is incident. This is used when condensing the light of semiconductor laser into the parallel light and the parallel light into fiber.
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