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    Retro-reflectors, or corner cubes as they are sometimes called, have the property that light incident on the face of the prism is deviated by 180 degrees independently of its angle of incidence. This means that any light incident on the surface will be reflected back along the same path that it came from. These retro-reflectors are extremely precise providing an exact 180 degree deviation within a 5arcsec tolerances. This enables them to be used for high precision applications or with lasers over very long distances. These angle insensitive; mirrors have numerous uses in alignment and metrology. Our retro-reflectors are available uncoated or with a visible broadband AR coating on the face.
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    Parabolic lens of internal reflection type is an optical element that, with incident lights from various directions reflected at the streamlined side surface, can collect the lights on the emitting end surface. It is used as a collector of solar cells.
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    We offer holders to mount each of our catalog dove prisms with both rotational adjustment, consult our Sales Division for assistance in your selection.
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    Dove prisms have the useful property that they completely invert an image by 180 degrees. If the prism is rotated about its axis the image will rotate at twice the rate of rotation of the prism. Dove prisms provide the most convenient and most precise method of rotating a beam and their long length and square profile make them easy to mount in a cylindrical sleeve. Because of the very limited field of view dove prisms need to be used with collimated or near-collimated beams. These prisms are offered with and without a broadband multilayer anti-reflective coating on the end faces. The hypotenuse face acts as a TIR surface and is therefore normally not coated. It is important, therefore, to keep this surface clean.
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    DPB - DPSQ - DPTIH11

    Equilateral prisms are normally used for the dispersion of light into its different colors. Light incident at an oblique angle to the first face is dispersed according to its wavelength and emerges as a spectrum from the opposite face. We offer these prisms made from BK7, Synthetic Fused Silica and S-TIH11 optical glass.
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    KRPB - KRPB4

    The knife edge prism is polished to the sharp edges of the right angle surfaces and have no chamfers on these edges.
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