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Laser Processing & Power Supplies

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    Power supply (supporting CW and pulse) for driving the laser diode (LD). The power supply for driving a Peltier element and cooling unit all-in-one type required for driving LD is also part of our lineup.
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    STD - STDS

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    ◦Continuously varying the amount of transmitted light for CW/pulse laser by utilizing the polarization feature of laser light.◦Absorb the non-transmitted laser light by diffusers safely and emit as heat.◦The influence of the amount of transmitted light by fever of diffusers is lightly affected. ◦Various controllers for remote operation are available as options.◦It is available to change the directions of output polarization both to parallel and to vertical by altering the mounting surface.
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    Low profile Laser Diode power supply with temperature controller.
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