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60X120mm EXC Bearing, Steel, X-Axis Stage, Side Micrometer, +/-20mm, M4 Threads

TSD-60121S | W7009

Steel Extended Contact X Stage 60x120mm Size Side Drive Metric Threads tsd-6121s_cad.jpg
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Hardened steel linear translation stages with integrated bearing ways and a black chrome finish.
Our “Extended Contact” technology yields superior stability, stiffness, accuracy, and durability.
Name 60X120mm EXC Bearing, Steel, X-Axis Stage, Side Micrometer, +/-20mm, M4 Threads
Weight 1.1900kg
Travel ±20mm
Load Capacity 392N(40.0kgf)
Stage SIze 60×120mm
Stage Size 60×120mm
Micrometer Position Side
Travel ±20mm
Lead of Actuator 0.5mm
Micrometer Readable Resolution 0.01mm
Guide Method Extended Contact Ball Bearing Guide
Primary Material Steel
Finish Super black chrome
Load Capacity 392N(40.0kgf)
Travel Accuracy / Straightness 1μm
Travel Accuracy / Pitch 25″
Travel Accuracy / Yaw 15″
Max. Moment Capacity / Pitch 19.6N・m
Max. Moment Capacity / Roll 9.8N・m
Max. Moment Capacity / Yaw 9.8N・m
Moment Stiffness / Pitch 0.1″/N・cm
Moment Stiffness / Roll 0.2″/N・cm
Moment Stiffness / Yaw 0.1″/N・cm
Parallelism 50μm
Running Parallelism 12μm

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